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They say ‘give the lady a beautiful dress and she will conquer the world’. Well, we believe that’s really true. Clothes are not only about being fashionable or trendy it’s also about great vibes and positivity. But the mercury is falling, hence making winter a challenging season to dress.  You have more layering tricks and more options to play with the jackets, layers and scarves. But you can always try experimenting with breathable fabrics and cooler colours.  Keeping that in mind and with intention of making winters easier for you , we want to introduce you to our autumn winter collection –‘state of mind'- NID ATTITUDE, a beautiful winter collection made by our artisans with love and compassion, to inspire your wardrobe this season.

State of mind is a person’s mood and the affect it has on one’s thinking and behaviour.

It is a way of being, a state of trance, aiming at reinventing sustainability and celebrating art, colour and life. The silhouettes experiment within the boundaries of comfort and lives in its intricate hand embroidery details and our love for original fabrics. This collection wants you to be everything you are and everything you can be.

Beautiful Fabrics last longer and make harsh winters comfortable for you


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