Nid d’Abeille, a timeless, ethical and responsible brand.

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The brand Nid d’Abeille was born in 1995. It is the fruit of the meeting between India and France through its two designers.

The creations, entirely imagined by Fabienne and Bobby, are unique and authentic, thus combining natural, noble and hand-crafted materials. All Nid d’Abeille creations are made in India in a small family workshop at the heart of New Delhi, respecting local traditions and the well-being of its craftsmen.

Nid d’Abeille collaborators put their skill at your service since each piece is made especially for you, to your demand, for ecological and logistical reasons.

This process permits to reduce wastes, storage and contributes to the respect of the environment. So, when you buy at Nid d’Abeille’s you actively participate to the environmental protection.

Each Nid d’Abeille collection is developed and produced to meet a need of durability. From the design to the choice of the materials and the production, everything is conceived to go deliberately against the flow of fast-fashion industry. It is through this requirement of quality that Nid d’Abeille clothes will stay in your dressing for a very long time, without ever suffering of obsolescence.




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