A passion for literature. Respect for traditions.
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Modern, individual, timeless design. Roshanara’s collections focus on a relaxed, versatile silhouette combined with exclusive prints, embellishments and extraordinary textiles.

For those who are unsubscribed to the disposable nature of fast fashion trends, these pieces make dressing with confidence, combined with a unique brand of understated elegance feel effortless.

Roshanara’s keen eye for craftsmanship brings together the finest pieces of interior design from her collaborators across the globe.

Curated to capture the essence of innovation and harmony and assembled to make any living space glow with style.



A love of literature and the arts and a deep respect for heritage and tradition are the foundations upon which Roshanara develops her lifestyle collections.

These fascinations she inherited from her mother, a talented textile artist. Her mother’s innovative techniques, which she used to capture textile landscapes through colour and texture inspired Roshanara from a young age and lead the way for her to develop her creative language of fashion design.

Through 20 years as a textile and fashion designer, Roshanara had stayed true to her vision of a harmonious balance between individuality and collaboration, working with artisans who share a mutual respect and admiration for one another’s skillset.

Our Values :

Create : we create original, artisan collections which both appeal and capture interest.

Care : we design high quality, timeless product which are made to last.

Collaborate : we pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with our craftsmen.

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