A full color style exalt by noble and handmade materials

Nid d’Abeille born in 1995 from Fabienne and Bobby's passion for  women's ready-to-wear. She is french and the he is Indian and, together, the couple give rise to high colors and styles exalted by noble, handmade materials combining originality and timelessness, : a real bridge between continents and cultures.

The combination of european silhouettes with indian handmade materials met a real success from the first collection.

Seasons flowed by and the couple developped little by little its network of lcoal outlets and international clients. To this day the simple and authentic spirit of the brand is reflected, where Fabienne and Bobby continue, with their co-workers, to work with passion and seek out for materials and prints to satisfy the loyal or new clientele awaiting quality and singularity.

Nid d’Abeille creations are made in India in a small family-run workshop with a very involved team based in New Delhi.

A know-how acquired over the years, traditional methods combine with modern designs and materials mean that the collections are trendsetters and rooted in rich India tradition to never stop captivating our imagination.

The production of  each collection is the pride of those who participate at Nid d’Abeille, and we wish to bring your attention to our designs which reflect the human and social dimension of our creations.